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In March, Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) partnered with Woodbury Lutheran Preschool to provide a free parent-child event for families with young children who live in the Woodbury community.

making calm down bottles

The event included a parent education and a parent-child interaction component. About 25 families participated in a 20-minute circle time that included songs, a read-aloud, and movement activities. In addition, families created several mindfulness tools to use at home with their child. Items included:

  1. Calm Down Bottles
    Families had the opportunity to make two different types of calm down bottles. One with glitter and corn syrup and the other using mica powder. Families were provided with a handout explaining how to use the calm down bottles at home. Several families immediately started talking about the calm down bottles using language and tips from the handout.
  2. Worry Monsters
    Families had access to a variety of art supplies and used them to turn two paper plates that had been stapled together into a worry monster. Parents were provided with a handout on how to use the worry monsters at home. Parents were overheard asking their kids what types of worries or fears they would feed the worry monster while they made the worry monsters. 
  3. Breathing Activities
    Families visited each breathing station and practiced the breathing technique. They collected a breathing card for each technique to add to a carabiner to take home. Parents were observed showing/practicing the breathing techniques with their children. Some of them talked about how calm they felt after they did each one. 
  4. Rainbow Meditation Bracelets
    Families made a bracelet using pony beads and pipe cleaners. They put the beads in rainbow order on their pipe cleaner. The parents received a handout explaining how to do a rainbow meditation with their kids. Parents began practicing the meditation with their kids while they made the bracelets. 
worry monster breathing activities

As parents moved through the activities, many commented on how much fun they had with their kids and how the activities were not only fun, but useful. Parents and children left the event equipped with new knowledge, strategies, and tools to help their children calm and regulate their emotions. ECFE is excited about the possibility to partner with Woodbury Lutheran Preschool on additional parent-child events next year!